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Module OUnit2.Conf

module Conf: sig .. end
Define command line options, environment variables and file configuration.

This module helps to define configuration options that are translated to command line options et al.

The name defined for the variable is:

type 'a conf_t = string -> 'a -> Arg.doc -> OUnit2.test_ctxt -> 'a 
The default type of function that create a configuration option of type 'a.
val make_string : string conf_t
make_string name default help Create a string configuration option with default value default and a short help string. The result of the partial application of the function can be used inside tests to be evaluated to a value.

let my_option = Conf.make_string "my_option" "the default" "A default option."

let tests =
  "ATest" >::
  (fun test_ctxt -> let option_value = my_option test_ctxt in ())

val make_string_opt : string option conf_t
Create a string option configuration option. See !make_string.
val make_int : int conf_t
Create an int configuration option. See !make_string.
val make_float : float conf_t
Create a float configuration option. See !make_string.
val make_bool : bool conf_t
Create a bool configuration option. See !make_string.
val make_exec : string -> OUnit2.test_ctxt -> string
make_exec execname Create a option to define an executable.