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Index of values

(>:) [OUnit]
Create a TestLabel for a test
(>::) [OUnit]
Create a TestLabel for a TestCase
(>:::) [OUnit]
Create a TestLabel for a TestList
(@?) [OUnit]
Shorthand for assert_bool

assert_bool [OUnit]
Signals a failure when bool is false.
assert_command [OUnit]
assert_command prg args Run the command provided.
assert_equal [OUnitDiff.S]
OUnitDiff.S.assert_equal with ~diff, ~cmp and ~printer predefined for this collection events
assert_equal [OUnit]
assert_equal expected real Compares two values, when they are not equal a failure is signaled.
assert_failure [OUnit]
Signals a failure.
assert_raises [OUnit]
Asserts if the expected exception was raised.
assert_string [OUnit]
Signals a failure when the string is non-empty.

bracket [OUnit]
bracket set_up test tear_down The set_up function runs first, then the test function runs and at the end tear_down runs.
bracket_tmpfile [OUnit]
bracket_tmpfile test The test function takes a temporary filename and matching output channel as arguments.

cmp_float [OUnit]
Compare floats up to a given relative error.
compare [OUnitDiff.DIFF_ELEMENT]
Element comparison
compare [OUnitDiff.S]
Compare a collection of element

of_list [OUnitDiff.S]
Create t using of list

perform_test [OUnit]
Perform the test, allows you to build your own test runner
pp_comma_separator [OUnitDiff]
pp_diff [OUnitDiff.S]
Pretty printer for collection differences
pp_print_sep [OUnitDiff.DIFF_ELEMENT]
Pretty print element separator
pp_printer [OUnitDiff.DIFF_ELEMENT]
Pretty printer for an element
pp_printer [OUnitDiff.S]
Pretty printer a collection of element

run_test_tt [OUnit]
A simple text based test runner.
run_test_tt_main [OUnit]
Main version of the text based test runner.

skip_if [OUnit]
skip cond msg If cond is true, skip the test for the reason explain in msg.
string_of_node [OUnit]
Make a string from a node
string_of_path [OUnit]
Make a string from a path.

test_case_count [OUnit]
Returns the number of available test cases
test_case_paths [OUnit]
Returns a list with paths of the test
test_decorate [OUnit]
test_decorate g tst Apply g to test function contains in tst tree.
test_filter [OUnit]
test_filter paths tst Filter test based on their path string representation.
todo [OUnit]
The associated test is still to be done, for the reason given.